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- Grazia Amendola is interested in investigating the relationship between bodies and biological forms. Her research looks at the human being as a part of the ecosystem, a vision at the centre of an artistic practice shifting among different media. The discovery of the other from oneself moves among proximities and similarities.
The artist sometimes installs artefacts that suggest the action and the presence of man within natural environments, setting them in physical relationship and letting them being crossed by animal and vegetable organisms. Other times, the starting points are vegetable creatures, sectioned and studied in their different biological phases.
The intervention Regimes of reciprocity, installed in the column room, is part of this series of observations. It shares its space with the exhibition I Malus by Andrea Caretto and Raffaella Spagna, inserting itself into a reflection on the relationship between man and nature.
Amendola establishes an investigating proximity, in an attempt to discover the morphology of different vegetable elements, which is an act of cognitive research of the human being at the same time.
She displays twelve large sized radiographic plates of as many apples collected between Biella and Turin. The fruits are enlarged and exhibited giving prominence to their internal part, where the seed is.
They document the research and gathering of rotten fruits, inviting the spectator into a game of looks and reflections. The corporeal approach, the proximity, the being able to see each other through the radiographic images stimulate a “reciprocal” thinking towards the ecosystem. -

curated by Giulia Crisci

Twelve UV print on polyester



curated by Achille Bonito Oliva

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