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This is the homage to the countryside, to the time and the energy it requires and to the link between the city of Saluzzo and the agricultural landscape that surrounds it.

Interactive sound installation, three bicycles on kickstands, print on blue back paper, engraving on the roots of fruit plants

curated by Michela Sacchetto

ZOOART - Art.ur

in collaboration with ORIZZONTALE

Piazza Cavour - Saluzzo

- Grazia Amendola converts the ARCA in a collective machine, a landscape in 4 dimensions, including that of time as essential. Time is symbolically represented by bicycles, means of transportation that the seasonal workers use to reach the fields. In fact, people are invited to pedal in order to complete the sensory experience in action. The installation is a homage to the countryside, to the time and energy that it requires and to the bond between Saluzzo and its rural landscape. The rotatory mechanism of the bicycle becomes a producer of memory and sense and refers to the cycle of nature and to the farmer activity which have been sculpting the countryside for centuries. The cyclical communication between the city and the rural territory is marked by the audio track that is activated by pedaling.

The sound composition is used as an enticement for the audience and combines noises with sounds that man, animals and machineries produce so that they recognize themselves in a common ecosystem. The sound accompanies the entrance of the audience in the ARCA, whose external walls are covered with a collection of photos reproducing natural elements that are typical of the local fruit cultivation. Multiplied indefinitely as a decorative pattern as well as enlarged and X-rayed, these elements compose a bizarre scene. On closer view, what at a first glance looks like a repetitive and familiar landscape, actually opens to a variety of details which converts the corridor of the ARCA in an optical device, which invites to concentration and slowness. In the centre, some roots - picked up from the fields and engraved by the artist - welcome who wants to take some time for feeling and listening, while others pedal so as to run the machine. -

Non è un buon agricolo se non sa piangereFabio Battistetti & Grazia Amendola
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