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In the intervention realized at Maam, every single chair, representing every single individual, multiplies itself by being placed in different points of the space and piercing the limits outlined by the walls.
This highlights the value of the expansion of the being, the process of growing and increasing of individuals and their occupation of spaces, such as the inhabitants of Metropoliz , highlighting thus the action, and sometimes the effort they make.


Permanent installation

Wooden chairs found in abandoned places, polyurethane foam, stucco,

gauze and plaster.

MAAM - Rome

The first installation titled Modus Vivendi reflects on the being inherent instinct of expansion and dilatation; on its tendency to imitation and emulation. This work evokes the human collective behaviours set out by the surrounding environment. It’s the sign of a process close to clothing.


Site-specific installation

Wooden chairs found in abandoned places and later camouflaged through an artistic intervention connected to natural techniques.

ZOOART International art fair

Giardini Fresia - Cuneo

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