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A performance that begin with some people who create many paper ships using the origami technique. On the ships a child wrote down the prayer of Voltaire contained in the last pages of his Treatise on Tolerance.
Once they have been built, the ships are distributed to the spectators. Later, using the same technique and thanks to the essential aid of the audience, a single, bigger ship is built. The single pages of the book, which had been earlier cut and glued one next to the other in order to create a 2x4 metre-large paper, forms it. While people bend and bend again the big paper, a child voice-over reads Voltaire’s prayer: “No longer then do I address myself to men…”


presented by Corpo Locale

The material selection echoes the use of papyrus made by Egyptians for building watercrafts, and becomes symbol of culture transmission. Some simple gestures take back memories to the game of our early age, and become a not so much disguised invitation to preserve children spontaneity and innocence, avoiding malice and prejudices. Ship is the symbol par excellence of journey, a communication and knowledge means, representing open mindedness, respect for the space of others and for surrounding nature.
L’Arca is an invitation to peace, comprehension, sharing, respect and to all that allows us to stay away from wars and negative situations.
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